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MS4 GIS Product

How well do you know your MS4?

Understanding your Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) is often a difficult task.  There are many parts of the system all over your municipality.  Without a easy to use, comprehensive and interactive system, planning for, maintaining, improving and creating compliance reports can be challenging.

The Power of Information at your fingertips

The MS4 GIS is a powerful tool that organizes information collected by the field assessment process.  The GIS technology allows the user to easily visualize the system including elements such as inlets, pipes, outlet structures, manholes, major conveyance swales, basins and ultimately the outfalls to waters of the US.  These may be streams, creeks, rivers, or other water courses including ponds and lakes.


Key Feature:  Visual representation

Visualization of the system helps both technical and non-technical people have productive discussions and understand the MS4 and how it works.  When an element is highlighted, double-clicking on the element brings up a picture.  This feature is part of the context sensitive design.   










Key Feature:  Context Sensitive Information

When an object or element is highlighted in the map display, context sensitive information is available in the "Info Dialog Box".  Data relavent to the object appears and can be viewed or edited from this dialog box.  This makes quick updates to the database possible.  The context information changes depending upon the item selected so you will see  information about an outfall or inlet that differs from the data stored about a parcel of land or a road or other infrastructure.  This happens all dynamically without involvement of the user. 

Key Feature:  Database Query

The success and usefulness of your information system depends upon your ability to query (ask questions) and get quick results.  Data tables can be queried to find important information quickly.  In this example, we want to know which inlets in our system are failing.  The table query feature is used for this purpose.

The results are quickly displayed as highlighted rows in our table containing our data about inlets.

Key Feature:  Full GIS Capabilities

Since this MS4 information system is built using Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies, all the robust features of a GIS come built in.  Layers are used to separate element types to you can turn on or off any layer.  Separate individual MS4 layers include inlets and pipes, manholes, outlets, swales and basins, and outfalls.  Map data layers includes separate layers for streams, roads, floodplanes, contours, soils and parcels.  Each of these layers can be either visible (turned on) or invisible (turned off) to make the map useful to the task at hand. 

Make more informed decisions and unleash the power of information with the MS4 GIS from TPG today.

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