The Paradios Group, LLC
A Save and Sustain Enterprise

About us

Our people 

We are an organization of talented people.  We work together to meet the needs of our clients and keep in mind the needs of each other.   We treat all clients, prospects, employees, suppliers, sub-contractors and vendors with mutual respect and dignity.  We embrace diversity in our organization.  

We seek out individuals who are aligned with our philosophy and promote sustainability and continuous development.

Our founders

The founders of The Paradios Group, LLC have decades of experience in business management, quality assurance, construction, land development, local governmental service, project management and emergency management.  We are experienced in environmental systems management audits. 
We attain compliance by understanding protocol, process and procedure to formulate best practices.  We have a solid background in effective training and facilitating.  Guided by high ethical standards and a focus on detail, the founding members of TPG are dedicated individuals with a vision and purpose for service to the community. 

Our dedication to community

We believe deeply in community and working toward the common good.  We seek to work with our clients to find ways to engage community members by encouraging them to be a part of the solution and process.  We strive with purpose and goals that are clear and engage in opportunities to solve complex problems that help build communities which are sustainable.

A Save and Sustain Enterprise

As a Save and Sustain Enterprise, we are based upon the premise of the world being created with integrity that is meant to bless all within it.
We all participate in the fullness of life through our connections to creation and community.  Our discernment is always guided by consideration for what we have in common with all else, which we call relatedness, as well as care for the kind of relationships that we are called to have with all creatures, both great and small.   We are saved and sustained when we serve one another as our highest purpose.

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