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The Paradios Group, LLC (TPG) provides value added products and services to our clients by keeping solutions as simple as possible, as accessible as possible, and as cost effective as possible.  For our clients, we want to provide a service for which they are pleased and willing to positively refer. 

We offer our services to municipal governmental agencies, support organizations and private enterprises for emergency management functions.  Combining training opportunities, exercise design, execution and after-action review, TPG delivers quality services for organizational readiness.

Our emergency management services focus on training and planning service offerings including public awareness, preparedness, plan development, review and skills development activities related to our client’s emergency operations plan and emergency management function.

We welcome the opportunity to be part of our client's success stories  By working closely and listening to our client's needs, offering viable solutions, and keeping in mind that teamwork is a key to success, we embrace each engagement with dedication and purpose.

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The Paradios Group, LLC
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